Recycle V.I.P

I was recently given the challenge of answering the brief below in a couple of days.

Challenge Brief

A brand will be giving away tastings of a new drink in a small aluminium can. The brand wants to encourage the public receiving the tasters to recycle their aluminium cans as many people don’t realise they are recyclable and that aluminium has great value. How do you encourage the public who receive the tastings to recycle their aluminium can? 

Here is what I came up with…

Key discoveries

  • Aluminium cans have the ability to be recycled over and over, forever, without losing strength or quality.
  • They are worth more than you think, people can earn money from recycling aluminium.
  • It is one of the most sustainable forms of drinks packaging.
  • Recycling one can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on an ipod.

My idea: VIP (Very Important Packaging) 

The aluminium can, often overlooked and not seen to be recyclable, is worth more than people think. So the drinks brand have given it VIP (Very Important Packaging) status.

After the public have finished their taster drink, if they recycle their aluminium can in surrounding VIP bins, they will receive discounts, offers and access to events sponsored by the drinks brand in return.



The method: VIP interactive bins

Once their drink is finished the public are encouraged to use the VIP bins in the surrounding area. When the can is put into the interactive bin, a discount voucher/offer is printed, giving VIP style rewards to the public.


Every can recycled will be worth a VIP style discount or offer. 


VIP (Very Important Packaging) voucher lanyards 


Additional awareness posters

These simple typographic posters will be displayed around the drinks taster stalls and also on the back of every voucher or discount card.


VIP Goodie Bags

Containing a gift made from recycled aluminium, a free drink, a leaflet about importance of recycling aluminium etc.


Social Media 

Instagram would be used as a platform for the public to share their experiences of recycling the cans and receiving the VIP treatment at different events etc. Celebrities who endorse the campaign will also be used to highlight the importance and value of recycling aluminium cans(VIPs for Very Important Packaging).




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