Squares; sustainable spaces.

I have recently updated a project I worked on at university related to tackling the growing issue of wasted materials and aims to promote building sustainably.

The project brief;

‘Create a brand identity for a sustainable building initiative which aims to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in our skips and bins.’

Project inspiration

After researching into the Brighton Waste House, a building made from waste and unwanted possessions, I was inspired to use the project concept and brand it as a bigger initiative.


My idea and brand identity

Squares; Sustainable Spaces. Reshaping our waste together. 


Squares is the identity for an initiative which creates sustainable community spaces, from the objects and materials that usually end up in our bins and skips.

Inspired by the idea of town squares being the centre of communities and taking visual inspiration from Tangram puzzles which can change and evolve like waste. The main brand mark can adapt and transform to explain how Squares works.

Promotional hoardings to go around the sustainable buildings whilst under construction


Square collection boxes and bins


Environmental awareness


Promotional tote bags


There are a growing number of sustainable projects and initiatives which are changing the way we view and use waste. You never know, one day in the future we could all be living in completely sustainable buildings!



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